Monday, September 26, 2016


Requested By: Pastor Jack

Requested For: The website.

For: God use this website to win souls for Jesus Christ.


Requested By: Jason Walker

Requested For: Jason & Beth Walker

For: Please pray for our marrage, family, and friends.



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Our mission is to help people to come to the condition of healing of their heart, mind, body & soul. All of this healing is to come through Jesus Christ and His Written Word, the Bible.

We supply Correspondence lessons to those, who in the privacy of their own home, may satisfy their curiosity about Jesus Christ.

We also supply a means whereby a person may submit a prayer request to us; and we shall pray for your request. Our efforts are mainly to those people who are not part of a local church and yet they have an interest in Christ.

It is our experience Jesus, that Christ, wonderfully heals and blesses our individual lives. Wherein our hearts were filled with anger, or fear, or emptiness, or any other ill condition, Christ replaces that with His love and acceptance. He loves us unconditionally and He will love you and save you, as He did and is doing for us. You may pray, as we have, asking Jesus Christ to come into your heart by His Holy Spirit, ask Christ to forgive you of your sins, and make you a child of God. If you pray that to Christ, He will save you and give you new life in Him. You do not need great faith, all you need is a little faith to trust in Jesus Christ and that what He accomplished upon the Cross of Calvary was in fact for you also.